Resurrection Nursing and Rehab on Greenwood is now:

Presence Sister Bonaventure Rehabilitation Center.
Address: 1001 N Greenwood Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone:(847) 692-5600

iPhone 6s Safari browser has the new pop up feature.   You may have a user of Enterprise (the online catalog) on an iPhone 6s encounter an error message when clicking on a title.   The key to fix this is to go to settings/Safari/turn off popup blocker. Then turn the popup blocker back on and everything should continue to work fine.

There is a box for old flags outside the City Clerk’s office at Park Ridge City Hall.  They are given to the local VFW, and they have a ceremony to properly dispose of them.  Ace hardware on Northwest Hwy in the Village Green shopping center near Northwest Highway and Greenwood also has a box.

A patron wanted to know where to recycle old cans of paint. I checked with Ace Hardware on Northwest Highway and they no longer accept paint cans. They told me to call the city. Public works said the procedure is- remove lids from paint cans, let paint dry up, and then put uncovered can into garbage for pickup. If there is an excess of paint, they suggest adding kitty litter to unused paint to speed up drying. The Park Ridge Recycling Waste Disposal Guide (linked below) found on our Community Board has many useful recycling tips, but the paint information is out of date.

Flatts and Sharpe at 6139 N. Northwest Hwy.  Chicago, IL  60631.  About 2.5 miles southeast on Northwest Highway, just past Harlem.  Not as far as the Roden branch Chicago Public Library.

From the pictures, it looks like they have a whole bunch of sheet music, in case a patron is looking to buy some, or you can’t find it on Worldcat.

CS keeps a list of the students who go thru the YA Babysitting classes who have given us permission to give out their names and contact info. As far as tutors, they have a community info binder with lists of local tutors or tutoring places. None of them are CS recommendations but strictly a convenience for patrons. So if anyone asks, you can direct them to CS.

There might be more free email websites where you don’t need a cell phone number or alternative email address, but the one I found that looked somewhat legitimate is called simply  Here is a link to the email registration page:



I just called Public Works and found out there is a drop off box on the first floor of City Hall in Administration and one right inside the front door at the Public Works Service Center at 400 Busse. (bc)

Our bi-annual electronics recycling day is coming up fast. Bring your unwanted electronics to the Park Ridge Public Works Service Center (400 Busse Highway) on Saturday, October 18 between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Get rid of your obsolete and unwanted electronics in an Earth friendly way. We will also be accepting textile waste and gently used sports equipment. There is a $5 charge per car, but you will also receive a coupon for $5 off your purchase of $20 or more at select Park Ridge Chamber member businesses.

I had a patron having issues with Ancestry’s new feature “My Discoveries Page” and had to figure out how to work around it. The discoveries page is a new feature that allows patrons in the library to email themselves a link to a Discoveries Page where all the documents they find and want to view later will be stored. This page can be viewed remotely!

The problem arose when a patron clicked on the link in their email and rather than taking them to their research, it took them to a page asking them to log in or start a trial with Clearly this was an error since the whole point of the discoveries page is to be able to access research from home without being a personal subscriber to

The fix: I found that it was only one faulty link. The solution is to go into Ancestry Library and send another document to the patron’s discoveries page by entering in their email on any document. This will generate a new email and link to their discoveries page (hopefully a now working link).

I hope this error won’t crop up too much, but I want everyone to be aware it could happen and how to work around it. If you have questions, ask me!



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